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About the Creator of College 4 Us

I’m George Huang, now an entrepreneur trying to make a living doing consulting work.  Helping kids reach their fullest potential is my passion.  I had people who helped me when I was growing up, and so this effort is my way of paying forward and thanking all those angels in my life.

Honestly, I didn’t even think seriously about college application until my junior year.  I didn’t have money to hire a professional college application counselor or go to those prep classes.  Thanks to the extra credit offered by my junior year English teacher for entering into essay contests, I did some and won a few.  I did some computer programming during high school and for one summer I earned my second computer – a $2,200 386 PC.  For SATs and the ACT, I bought a few books and studied on my own.  As a new immigrant from Taiwan, I didn’t have good SAT verbal scores.  But somehow Harvard’s admissions officers and the interviewer saw my potential.  In April of my senior year, I was choosing between going to Harvard or going to UCLA with the Regent’s Scholarship and sophomore standing.  I went to Harvard with the hope of just barely surviving it, but four years later I graduated magna cum laude with a GPA of 3.66.  If I can do it, so can you!

On this website I posted things I’ve learned from the process.  I hope they will make a difference in your life also.  Good luck!

Possible Questions on Your Mind

Do you do for-fee counseling to individuals?

No.  I decided to focus on my other business ventures.  I couldn’t afford such service when I was in high school, and so I want to provide as much as I can to those with limited financial means.  That’s why this website is built and freely accessible.  Unless your child has very unique questions, the information on this site should be sufficient to get him started on the right path.  If you really want me to talk to your child, just let me know and we can arrange a phone call.

Can I use your materials in a public setting?

Of course!  That’s why they’re on the web.  I do ask that you do not charge people for getting printouts of this website.  Also please let me know if you do use these materials and any comments you may have.  Please be honest and critical because that’s the only way I can learn and improve these materials.

I benefited from your website.  What can I do to thank you?

Donate content!  I really need help with the new section for parents.  In particular, I’m in great need of content about what you can teach kids through music, art, and sports.

If you really, really want to show your appreciation financially, Please consider contributing to my campaign to give free laptops to low-income kids who are going to college but don’t have computers.  I can’t imagine how one survives college nowadays without a computer, and I hope to keep a few from finding that out!  Sorry, your donations are not tax deductible since I’m not a registered non-profit entity.

For those of you who donate $300 or more, please write an encouragement letter and send it to me.  I’ll include it with the laptop that you’ve paid for so the recipient knows who you are and can choose to communicate with you.

As of August 31, 2012, I’ve given away 16 laptops.  To those who have contributed, a big THANK YOU on behalf of those who got the free laptops.

Why do you have advertisements on the site?

I’m sorry if those ad banners irritate you.  Running this site does cost money – software, domain name and hosting, electricity, COFFEE, etc. – and advertising revenue helps cover these costs.  I do not personally endorse any institutions being advertised here; although I do use some extensively.  I honestly have no control over the advertisements from Google.  As for the other ads, they are chosen because of their relevance to the topics being discussed.  For instance, I mention the software used to create this site and the website hosting service because they are really awesome.  I haven’t had to write a single line of HTML code for this website!

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