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Plan and act today so you have no regrets tomorrow...

This may be the most important part of this site.  Please review the following pages carefully.  I guarantee you that the tips here can save you much time and headache.  You can also access these pages by using the pull-down “Valuable Tips” menu on the navigation bar, which is currently highlighted above.

First and foremost you need to do well academically.  For students aiming for the top schools, extracurricular activities are important but they should never pursued at the expense of your grades.

  1. The Very First Step – Learn what colleges look for by looking at the actual application.
  2. High School Curriculum Planning – Plan your high school years carefully.  Some classes are more important than others.
  3. Alternatives to High School Classes – You can take classes at a local community college.  They are actually not that difficult.
  4. Standardized Tests – SATs and ACTs: The key to success is also when you take these tests, not just how to study for them.
  5. Extracurricular Activities – Yes, these matter.  Know what to focus on and what you are supposed to learn from these activities.
  6. Other Helpful Stuff – Recognitions & awards, etc.
  7. Ideas for a Project to Attract Attention – For those who want to do more.
  8. The Actual College Application Process – The final battle, but your success really depends on the previous seven steps.  Also includes some basic information about financial aid.
  9. The Rest of the Senior Year and the Summer before College – What you should do after applications are all done.
  10. Tips for New College Students – You made it!  Some new tips for college freshmen.
  11. Money issues -- How to buy things, make money, get credit, etc.
  12. Other Options / Returning to School – Distance learning (online classes), returning to school as adults, etc.

Not sure whether you want to go to college?  Please read this page and make up your mind.  The sooner you decide on what you want, the more time you have to prepare for your future.