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Free Software for Students

Dear Student:

Congratulations on getting your laptop.  Because I wanted to give you a machine that’s still in a sealed box, no additional software were installed.  Below are some software that you may find useful for your academic pursuit.

Office Suite -- Word processing, spreadsheets, presentation, etc.

LibreOffice -- Microsoft Office-compatible office suite.  May have some compatibility issues with complex documents.  Recommendation: export to PDF when you submit the document as homework or project.

Powerpoint Viewer -- Use this to see how your Powerpoint presentation created with LibreOffice actually looks in Microsoft Office.

FreeMind -- A mind-mapping software.  An awesome tool to organize your writings and projects.

PDF995 -- Free PDF creation software.  You need to install both the Printer Driver and the Free Converter.

System Utilities & Security -- Anti-virus, file compression, etc.

Avast -- Free anti-virus software.

Dropbox -- Free cloud storage service.

7Zip -- File compression.

Install these if asked to do so:

- Microsoft DotNet Framework

- Java Runtime Environment

Multimedia -- Video playback, etc.

VideoLAN -- Plays most video files.

DivX -- Playback and creation of DivX and MKV video files.  

K-Lite -- A collection of codecs for video playback.  Download the Mega pack, and the 64-bit pack if your PC has a 64-bit CPU.

iTunes -- For those using Apple’s iTunes-related devices.

Design, Photo Editing, Painting Software

Various design software from Serif -- The free versions have limited capabilities but are often good enough for basic use.

Internet -- Browser, website design, etc.

Adobe Shockwave plugin -- Needed for many websites.

Adobe Flash player/plugin -- Needed for many websites.

Firefox -- A popular Internet browser.

Chrome -- Google’s browser built on the foundation of Firefox.

Serif WebPlus -- The tool used to build this website

For Computer Science majors and geeks

VirtualBox -- Creating virtual machines to run other operating systems within Windows.  Try some: Ubuntu, Windows 8, etc.

DotEasy -- The website hosting company I use.  If you sign up for their paid hosting plan, you can play with applications such as WordPress, Joomla, Collabtive, ZenCart, etc.  These are free web-based applications that can be a source of income if you learn how to use them to build websites for businesses.