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Are you a motivated student?  If yes, read on...

Are you stressed out about the SAT, ACT, and AP exams?  Why do you overly emphasize test prep, and miss out on getting better “scores” on the other parts?

Do you know what personal qualities the top colleges really look for?  How can you be the student that top colleges really want?

Can you improve your chances by just making very small changes on your application form?

Why don’t other counseling services tell you about this?  They want your money from you attending their expensive test prep classes!

Maybe it’s time for a reasonably priced, low-stress college counseling service to help you.

We focus on delivering what really matters:

- Boosting your studying and writing skills so you can learn easier and get better results

- Curriculum planning so you take the right classes and do well in them

- Extracurricular activities planning so you have great things to write about on your college application

While you can do your test prep for free or at very low costs on your own.

And for juniors and seniors aiming for 4-year colleges:

- Assisting with college search and major selection

- Assisting with college application essays

- Preparing for personal interviews

Welcome to College 4 Us

Questions?  Please e-mail info@college4.us

Program & Pricing Information

If you are aiming for the top universities, you may be overly focused on standardized tests and missing out on other critical areas...

Can’t afford our personalized service?  

Please visit the “Valuable Tips” page for quite a bit of useful materials that’ll help any highly motivated student to do a lot on his own...