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Plan and act today so you have no regrets tomorrow...

Want to Go to College?  

New: A 17-slide Powerpoint version of this site!

Contains the basic points only...  Good to get your kid interested in this topic.  For those who are really committed, this whole website can really change their lives!

This is the right place to get you started!

This is a website to help high school students aiming for four-year colleges to prepare themselves for the application process and college life.  The tips about high school curriculum planning and standardized tests are useful for applications to all four-year colleges.  For those of you aiming for the most selective schools, the tips about extracurricular activities, work experiences, personal statements, and interviews are critical.  Admission to the top colleges is very competitive, and you need to know what these schools look for in order to stand out from among your peers.  Hopefully the insights you get here can make a difference.

Not sure about whether you should go to college?  Please read this article and decide...

Ready to proceed?  Please go through the various sections in Valuable Tips.  Freshmen and sophomores, these are for you also!  The earlier you start, the easier it is for you.

  1. The Very First Step – Learn what colleges look for by looking at the actual application form.
  2. High School Curriculum Planning – Plan your high school years carefully.
  3. Alternatives to High School Classes – You can take classes at a local community college.
  4. Standardized Tests – The SATs, ACTs, Aps, etc.
  5. Extracurricular Activities – Know what to focus on and what you are supposed to learn from these activities.
  6. Other Helpful Stuff – Recognitions & awards, etc.
  7. Project Ideas – For those of you who want to do more to stand out.
  1. The Actual College Application Process – The final battle.  Also includes some basic info about financial aid.
  2. The Rest of the Senior Year and the Summer Before College – What you should do after applications are all done.
  3. Tips for New College Students – You made it!  Some tips for college freshmen.
  4. Other Options / Returning to School – Distance learning (online classes), returning to school as adults, etc.

Parents: there’s a new section just for you.  Let me know what else you want to know and I’ll include it after doing some research.

Educators: please consider sponsoring an on-campus club to let students support each other in their quest to go to four-year colleges.  The “College 4 Us Clubs” (or whatever you want to call them) can really help underclassmen get started on the right track early on.  It is a self-perpetuating effort that’ll benefit students for years to come.

Want to read about the latest additions to the site, new findings, and latest developments in college application processes?  Please check out the College4Us Facebook page.

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