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What to Teach: Learning through Music & Art

Music and art are generally considered a non-academic pursuit by most high school students.  I completely disagree.  Those who do not see the intellectual characteristics of music and art have not really experienced it.  Many states’ inability to fully finance musical and art programs is a real educational tragedy.

First, music and art are really other languages.  They are alternate venues for human expression.  In fact, they flow out of the subconscious mind that’s far deeper than our conscious mind.  That’s why we can feel things with music and art that we cannot express with words.

Second, music teaches valuable lessons about how the real world really works that most high school students never get to learn in class.  I feel a concept of organizational leadership is well articulated in the relationship between the orchestra and the conductor.  For an orchestra to succeed, every player must fully trust and follow the conductor, because he is the only person in the group who is able to hear everything and figure out what’s not working right.  He makes no sound, and yet the music flows out of him.  To achieve that, the conductor needs to understand the roles and characteristics of each instrument, discern the causes of the imperfection, feel empowered and comfortable to confront the players responsible for the problems, and help guide the affected parties to fix the problems.  Many institutions are inefficient because the team members fail to see and fulfill their proper roles.

That said, I am totally inapt at talking about music and art because I just couldn't get it…  If you would like to contribute content, please e-mail me.