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We use an easy-to-use project management system to help students keep track of their to-do lists and progress.  Each students gets his own, personalized system so privacy is protected.

Detailed task lists and milestones (deadlines) help us and the parents push the student to do what’s needed:

And the messaging system helps us keep track of communications.  They will also get e-mail notifications but this system helps keep all communications in one place.

Why such a system?  Time management is generally the number one problem for high school seniors.  Too many applications are poorly done because they run out of time. It should not happen with our students.

We have lots of proprietary materials for our students.  Stay tuned for more samples.

Samples of Senior College App Counseling

Can’t afford our personalized service?  

Please visit the “Valuable Tips” page for quite a bit of useful materials that’ll help any highly motivated student to do a lot on his own...