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This used to be the most important part of the old College4.us website. Now all the materials are posted on the website of Achieve Goals so I don’t have to keep both sites updated simultaneously.  Please use the link to go to Achieve Goals.

Additional valuable materials:

High School Planning Calendar -- This chart will help you keep track of your basic course requirements needed for college (based on the UC’s a-g requirements).  You may not be able to apply to many schools if you don’t have the required courses indicated here.  Don’t find out you can’t apply until it’s too late!

Learning Root Words, Prefixes and Suffixes --

- Instructions

- Printable cards (for Avery 8471-compatible cards): ERU-1 and ERU-2

- Excel sheets of all the words plus prefixes and suffixes

Can’t afford our personalized service?  

The Achieve Goals website has quite a bit of useful materials that’ll help any highly motivated student to do a lot on his own...