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Parents: Things to Teach Your Kids

First and foremost, it should be character.  Without the right character, all skills and knowledge one has can be turn into tools for evil.  But that's not the purpose of this webpage.  This webpage solely focuses on skills and knowledge.  For those of you with Judeo-Christian heritage/faith, I recommend this: Modern-Day Joseph.

The following items are not prioritized.  In fact, there should be no priority except your child's willingness to pursue these, your own ability to pursue it with your child, and your economic ability to afford such pursuits.   In some cases, one's brain is simply not wired for certain pursuits (e.g., music, art, etc.) no matter how hard one tries.  So just do what you and your child can and willing to do, and enjoy life as much as you can.  In the end, we pray by the grace of God Almighty that he will turn out OK.  Life is too unpredictable for you to worry about it too much.

Here are the current categories?  More categories may be added as I create or receive more content.

I’m adding new content to the aforementioned areas constantly, and so please check back often.  If you would like to contribute content, please e-mail me.  You will be acknowledged for your contribution.